MumMeFit´s World of Advantages

We introduce our chosen partners and how YOU benefit from them.

Your benefits as a MumMeFit-User

Herzmutter stands for high quality pregnancy and nursing clothing with modern design and high functionality.

The abdominal belt made of a natural bamboo-material-mix provides strong support for your back and abdomen after having given birth or after having undergone a c-section.

The elastic abdominal belt is particularly suited for workouts. Because of its compression properties it supports the lower back and abdominal muscles.

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Togu stands for quality and the seal of approval „Made in Germany“

Besides Redondo-Balls, (Mini-) Thera-bands (which btw are being used in many MumMeFit exercises), Togu offers a variety of workout-tools to make your training even more efficient.

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Emy stands for smart pelvic floor training to fight  bladder weakness – developed by women for women.

By using the biofeedback technology, an App and therapeutic exercises, you can easily train your pelvic floor. On its own or in addition to your postnatal course.

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Bestkosmetik stands for love and passion for cosmetics.

Online you’ll find curated and exclusive cosmetic brands.

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Kindby – rent baby clothes instead of buying them

With kindby you can rent sustainably produced baby clothes. The best in quality for your baby and the most sustainable for our environment.

Choose a subscription that suits you, put together your kindby Box according to size, gender and style and when your baby has grown out, send the clothes back by free of charge. If you are satisfied, then simply order the bigger size.

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Note: Shipping is currently ONLY possible throughout Austria