Last Minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas no one would have deemed to be last minute

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Youd call yourself the last-minute type of person when it comes to Christmas gifts

Usually, in the late afternoon of the 23rd of December it crosses your mind that you still don’t have one single present. Then you rush into town, running from shop to shop at peak performance, which you haven’t seen in yourself since PE class, hoping to find something that your loved ones might like.  

 This tactic has been successful year after year. On Christmas Eve, youre always a bit proud that your family doesn’t notice that the gifts, that they believe to be thought-out and planned well in advance, are emergency purchases in reality 

 This year however, your plan wont work: Since December 16th, all shops in Germany are closed due to the Corona virus regulations – your annual shopping tradition has to be cancelled this year. But the worst part: Now you find yourself without a single gift at hand – on week before Christmas.  

 Since all kids are at home at the moment, you probably wouldn’t have had the chance not to buy gifts online anyways. Of course you could choose the common online-shop giants, but they probably already profit enough from these circumstances, which are really tough for other stores 

 Being a mum is stressful, being a mum during the holidays gets close to being a hero. Thats why we took some work from you and searched for small shops that are worth being supported and came up with some gift ideas, which even if they are last minute, still dont seem like it!  

For Dad

Your partner complains about an increasingly growing belly and back pain, now that the gyms are closed?  

Just like us mums, our men don’t have a choice but to switch to digital training at home. Our partner TOGU® offers a variety of workout equipment to make the home workout even more effective.  

 Admitted: This gift is not completely unselfish. Lots of TOGU®s tools are being used in the MumMeFit-App. You can for sure borrowthem from your partner from time to time.  

 Get 15% off your next order with the discount code MumMeFit15.  

Tipp: Join the free TOGU® club and get 10% off every time. This can be combined with the discount code MumMeFit15. 

Our favorites at TOGU®:

Dynair Premium Wedge Ballkissen

Forhome office”, when your partner sits on the kitchen chair, which is not particularly ergonomic, all day and keeps complaining about back pain 

Flexvit Mini Band

For muscle strengthening (also in our mum-workout) 


Massage Foam-Roller

For massaging tired muscles after a workout.


Gender cliches adé 

One gift, that is definitely going to surprise your partner, is a bouquet. Who says that only women get excited about flowers? The delivery service bloomon offers unique, stylish bouquets, which will decorate your living room for more than 10 days 


Instead of a book, which you blindly pick from the bestseller list due to lack of time and decide if your partner might like it according to the cover, maybe this year give him an audiobook subscription, where he himself can choose from an unlimited amount of books

In the end, the whole family is probably going to profit from this: Whining kids in the back seat of the car can for sure quickly be calmed when a story is read to them.

For Grandma

Admitted: Buying cosmetics online can get dangerous, because you’re definitely going to get tempted to buy something for yourself and your strained mum-skin as well. Luckily, we also have a discount code for our partner BestKosmetik: Get 10% off the entire range by using the code mummefit10. 

Our favorites at BestKosmetik:

Regenerating night mask   

Rrich moisturizing cream

Eye cream


Grandma has been reading the same weekly magazine for years? How about a subscription of this magazine for christmas?  


One thing, that grandparents always get exited about, is self-made presents. So, grab your kid(s) and do some handicrafts for grandma and grandpa. To protect them, many visits to and from our grandparents had to be cancelled this year, which is why theyve missed out on a lot. By making a calendar or cards with pictures with your kids, you are able to kill to birds with one stone: Your kids are busy and they forget the boredom during lockdown for some time and grandma and grandpa get a self-made gift and feel like theyve been part of the last year 

For Grandpa

Grandpa enjoys drinking wine, but a bottle from the supermarket as a christmas present seems odd to you? Ever thought about ordering high quality wine online?  


What applies to grandma, applies to grandpa as well: Grandpa would surely be happy about a subscription that would deliver the newspaper, which he reads weekly, right to his door.

For the little ones

Your (older) children are little artists? We found two shops, that make your kidsdrawings into a cuddle toy or into a puzzle. Your kids will definitely be thrilled to hold their own design in their hands and to play with it.  

For your best friend (who is also a mum or a mum-to-be) 

Your friend complains to you about not having gotten into a postnatal course, about wanting to do more for her own body or about being stressed out?  

One gift, that she definitely wont expect, is a spot in one of our postnatal courses. Live and online, she works out at home, but still under professional guidance. Weve got postnatal courses and advancedcourses for full body strengthening if your friend has finished a postnatal course already.  

The two of you can also participate in the courses together, while your babies are playing with each other.  


A gift, that we ourselves would get exited about, is natural cosmetics from Munich: The bottles are so pretty, that this itself is a good enough reason for them to be gifted to someone 


One gift, that each mum-to-be or new mum needs, is the high quality, modern maternity and nursing fashion by our partner Herzmutter.  

Get 15% off your next order with the discount code herzmutter15mummefit. Plus: All orders placed in December are free of shipping costs.  

Our favorites at Herzmutter:  

Abdominal belt

Learn more about the abdominal belts from Herzmutter 

Nursing Bag



Now all you have to do is be quick, so that the gifts will arrive on time for Christmas. However,  

if they wont arrive on time, thats no problem either: As we all know, Christmas is more than just about the presents. And since we should limit our contacts at the moment anyways, we might as well give presents to our loved ones in January or whenever we feel like it.  


Have fun making presents and Merry Christmas! 

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