your postnatal course and rebuilding program for 12 months after having given birth.

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Our goal is…

to strengthen your pelvic floor, to close the rectus diastase and to get your body functioning in daily life with a baby.

Postnatal Training to your Condition

Work out whenever you want, wherever you want, with your baby or without it!

Every day something new

Set up a Train according to your unique needs from a variety of single exercises and full workouts!

Start at any time

Start the training whenever it feels right to you and your baby!

Let yourself be reminded of your training

Start your postnatal training from home, professional and easy to understand, but without any waiting lists and set appointments!

I want to give every mum the chance to do something good for herself and her own body, as early as from the first day after having given birth!

MumMeFit is a 12-month-program, that doesn’t just offer postnatal training, but also exercises and workouts, which help make your body fit for working out and everyday-life as a mum again.

To increase well-being by making time for yourself. A happy baby needs a happy and relaxed mum.

Even if it’s difficult at times: It is important not to lose yourself as an individual next to being a mum.

easy usage, no previous knowledge necessary

self-determined training

life-long fitness

awareness and strengthening of the pelvic floor and core


highest scientific standard



Don’t miss any news and stay fit in everyday life with your baby!