Do you have any questions regarding the App or the work-outs, in general? Check out this page.

Generally, you can start using MumMeFit right after (natural) birth, provided that you yourself feel capable of doing the exercises. Be careful after a c-section though.

In either case you should consult with your doctor or midwife and ask for their „permission“ before starting MumMeFit.

Start with the easy exercises from the category „0-8 weeks“ and stop the exercise or the workout if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Mainly, MumMeFit is to be seen as an addition to a postnatal course. In many cities, postnatal courses are fully booked weeks in advance, which is very frustrating if you want to do something for yourself and your body soon after having given birth.

In addition, in many areas there are  few or no courses to be found, or the distance to the class is too far. These problems can be avoided by being able to do your workout at home, instead.

However, postnatal courses offer a great possibility of meeting and getting to know other mums. Often times, the characters and interests don't match though, and what is going to happen to these friendships once the course is over? This is where MumMeFit comes in as well: We’re working on an update that gives mums the chance to search for „fitness“-groups in the area they are in or to open up a new one, in order to stay fit after the course and bring kids together.

Generally, training shouldn't be started until you feel able to do so. Every woman is different, so is every birth. It is important to talk to your doctor or midwife beforehand.

In general, it is important to execute the exercises pain-free. If you don’t feel comfortable or have an unpleasant feeling, stop the exercise or the workout and postpone it to when you feel better.

MumMeFit is split into four categories, according to the age of the baby. These numbers are not set in stone though, but remain a guideline. Since each birth is different and each woman is to be seen as an individual with an individual fitness-level, training demands can vary.

In general, training should be structured in a way that you feel confident in executing the exercises from the first or rather previous category before choosing exercises from the next category.

Currently, the MumMeFit App Version 1.0 is free for all users. We are constantly working on improving and upgrading the App. It is possible though, that the App eventually won’t be free anymore. In this case, all users will be informed, so that they have the chance to stop the usage of MumMeFit.

For most of the exercises you only need yourself and your baby, respectively the stroller. For some of the exercises it comes in handy to have a workout-mat and a Thera-band.

Instead of weights, you could easily use two bottles of 0,5 liters of water. The outdoor exercises on elevations can also be done either on benches or on a concrete block, table tennis table or on a curb. All exercises should be tested on safety in terms of bending over or tipping.

Your baby/your children can be integrated into the exercises or stay in the stroller respectively on the edge of the mat.

In groups, there is the possibility to let babies play on a (picknick) mat together or let them lay down together.

You can pause the workout to fulfill whatever needs your baby has in that moment.

Unfortunately, there are currently no programs for pregnant women.

Terms & conditions

Currently, no one has to sign up directly in the App. However, it is intended to get mums to get connected through the App, to form groups or join already existing groups. It is important to us that mums with similar interests get the chance to get together and stay fit. Besides, it is more enjoyable for the kids to be playing or simply laying on the mat together, while their mums work out next to them. For this tool it is necessary to sign up. However, you’re going to get a notification about this in a newsletter or on the homepage.

MumMeFit stands for mother (Mum), Me and Fitness. Whilst searching for a suitable and catchy name we wanted to make sure to combine three things: Being a mum, but still viewing yourself as an individual, in addition to staying fit, working out. Furthermore, being a mum always implies the bond to the baby (and older children).

You shouldn't begin working out if you're still in any pain. If you had a c-section or if you have any other wounds, you should wait until you're complete healed as well.

Postnatal exercise after having had a c-section can be started as early as in childbed. However, it is important not to strain nor your abdominal muscles nor the cut.

You can start your full-body training for rebuilding 8-10 weeks after childbirth.

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