An Interview with Herzmutter

Mothers with heart – An Interview with “Herzmutter”

Herzmutter: A young company from Hamburg offering high-quality, but still affordable maternity and nursing clothing with a modern design and high functionality. In the following interview, Herzmutter talks about the corporate philosophy and how great the abdominal belts are.

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Who are you and what do you do?

We’re a young company from Hamburg offering a variety of different brands, a.o. the brand “Herzmutter”, which focusses on maternity and nursing fashion and which has been on the market for nearly five years now. We’ve been selling other brands in this category before, but soon we realized we wish to offer our own products here, which are directly tailored to our customer’s feedback.

What is an abdominal belt and what is it’s purpose?

Our abdominal belts support the natural rebuilding of the abdomen after having given birth or after having undergone a c-section. The main goal is to make the young mum feel secure and to support back and abdomen in day-to-day life.

Who can use the abdominal belt and why? 

The abdominal belt is suited for all young mums, who want to support the natural rebuilding of their abdomen. Moreover, the abdominal belt can be used after surgery. The abdominal belt helps rebuild the abdomen. Thus, it can be used, whenever the abdomen has changed because of childbirth, c-section or surgery and the customer wants to return to the original form.

Can the abdominal belt be worn in childbed already or when is the best time to do so? 

The most important thing when using an abdominal belt is your own sense. In general, we’re often told to start post natal training 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth. But that’s completely individual. If you feel like it, you can easily start wearing the abdominal belt in childbed. What is important is to listen to yourself and not to be influenced by other (young) mums. Consulting with your midwife might be a good idea though.

Is there anything that needs to be taken into consideration after a c-section?

After a c-section, natural rebuilding is usually a bit harder. Thus, one should definitely take more time for it. Here it is especially important not to put any pressure on the scar. That’s why we would recommend the bamboo abdominal belt, which has a softer upper material.

For how long can or should the abdominal belt be worn? 

There is no definite answer to this. Like I said, the main premiss is: Your own sense of how your body feels is the main indicator. If someone feels comfortable wearing an abdominal belt, it can be worn long after birth as well. We have many customers, who wear their abdominal belts permanently for working out.

Is there a maximum amount of hours in wearing the abdominal belt that shouldn’t be exceeded? 

Again: You being comfortable is the scale for how long you should wear it. We would recommend using the bamboo abdominal belt in the beginning, since it is made of a softer upper material, and to start wearing it for 2-3 hours daily (if you wish so as early as in childbed). Especially for the first walks this can provide a secure feeling of stability. If this feels comfortable, the abdominal belt can be worn more often and adjusted tighter. If you then start your postnatal exercises, the elastic abdominal belt is a great option to feel comfortable and strong during gymnastics. It is a bit more flexible. However, it can support even more punctually because of two hook-and-loop fasteners on the side.

Can the abdominal belt be used for working out? Which benefits does it have here? 

Definitely. Here we recommend the elastic abdominal belt: On one hand it can be washed more easily (because of its upper material) and on the other one it fits to the body even more, hence why it doesn’t constrict when working out. It’s mainly about making young mums feel secure and good when working out. The abdominal belt exerts a slight pressure on back and abdomen and provides additional support during the exercise.

When should the abdominal belts be taken off? Are you aware of any side effects?

Even if we’re repeating ourselves: Listening to your own body is the most important thing, especially after having given birth. You should make sure that the abdominal belt doesn’t constrict you and that there’s no uncomfortable pressure. If you’re not sure, consult with your midwife or your gynaecologist. Most importantly is feeling comfortable when wearing the abdominal belt. We don’t know of any side effects.

Which abdominal belts do you offer in your line of goods and how do they differ? 

Currently, we have two different abdominal belts for rebuilding in our range. The bamboo abdominal belt has a particularly soft surface, hence why it can be worn directly on the skin. It has a particularly solid material and can be fitted with a big hook-and-loop fastener. That’s why the bamboo abdominal belt is especially convenient for walks and the initial daily life with a baby. Our second model is the elastic abdominal belt. The goal here was to develop an abdominal belt which fits the body even better and which can therefore be worn for postnatal training. The structure is very flexible but still supportive and a bit more rugged than the structure of the bamboo abdominal belt. In addition to the big hook-and-loop fastener on the front there are two smaller ones on the sides, which allow an even more precise adjustment and which can easily be adjusted during the workout as well.

How do I know if the abdominal belt fits right or if it doesn´t?

When deciding on the size, one should start by asking what exactly should be rebuild. Often, we suppose that we need to measure the waist when we wish to wear an abdominal belt- this seems legit, but it may only partially be the case. The goal is to rebuild the lower abdomen respectively the uterus, this means the abdominal belt has to be worn much lower than on the waist. It makes sense to measure the waist as well as the hips. For the correct size the guideline should be the widest measure. Many customers wish to be prepared well and want to order their abdominal belt in the beginning of their pregnancy already. However, it makes more sense to wait until birth and to take the actual measures after birth. Often times, one tends to over- or underestimate here. Our abdominal belts are normally being delivered within two or three days after placing the order, so that you don’t have to worry about not getting the order on time.

How do your abdominal belts differ in comparison to others on the market? 

In general, for us at Herzmutter the highest priority is to offer high-quality and well-thought-out products for a reasonable and fair price. We know how many purchases need to be made during a pregnancy and orf course afterwards and want to make sure our products are available to everyone. Our product range, which mainly consists of functional and practical products, is a reflective of this as well. There are competitors, who offer abdominal belts for 100€, in which we don’t see any additional advantage in comparison to our product though. Moreover, we are different because of a continuous optimization of our products on the basis of customer feedback, but especially because of our cooperation with midwives or trainers, like Anica from MumMeFit for example. Especially in these functional products, like the abdominal belts that support rebuilding, it is important to develop the correct fit for different areas of application. Hence why the evaluation of customers’ and cooperation partners’ feedback is most important to us.

Do you have any further products for mothers-to-be and young mums? 

Yes, of course – we want to accompany mums-to-be from pregnancy, to lactation to postnatal training to being a mum. We have tights and leggings (brand new to support postnatal training as well) night- and underwear, abdominal belts to support the baby bump, as well as swimwear and bags for winding. As said before, we place much value on thought-through products. Hence why we take much time to develop our products. Different to other brands we come out with only a few new products each year. Moreover, all products are planned in a way that they can stay in our product range permanently and don’t get influenced by any trends and so on.

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